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A very high end capacitor should be absolutely neutral and should pass signals undistorted. The Audyn True Copper Cap does not have a seperate sound or sound picture. Absolutely exact, accurate and honest reproduction of the signals that enter.
It simply does what it should. Full OFC copper-foil polypropylene capacitor for exacting and high quality loudspeaker applications. No contamination by mixtures of various metals and fairylike oils.

It is True Copper.

- Copper foil
- Tritec 7x0.5 mm tinned wire leads gives bigger surface by flexible connections,
- 630 VDC
- Tolerance : 2%
- No selfhealing construction
- IEC60384-1, EN130000, Ris >30000/C(Mohm,uF)
- Test V between terminals: Ur:630VDC, Ut:650VDC 1min. at 25C
- Test V between shor connected terminalsand case: 1000VDC, 1min at 25C
- Made for passive crossover network for loudspeakers only. Any other useage is not allowed. Due to the construction.