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Audyn Cap KP SN 100 VDC / 630 VDC
High quality axial tin-foil/polypropylene capacitors recommended for active audio circuits. The KPSN 630Vdc range of capacitors is highly suitable for valve amplifiers. KPSN 250Vdc & 100Vdc are the ideal choice of capacitor for series connection to tweeters in crossover circuits.

Dielectric: Polypropylene
Conductor: Tin foil
Tolerance: +/- 2%
Connecting leads: Axial, tinned copper
Loss Angle Tan: 0.00008 (1kHz; 20oC)
Operating temperature: -25oC - + 85oC

Perfect, high quality capacitor for active audio circuits and channel amplifiers.
Perfection has zero tolerance, in series 2%