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MICA-CAP capacitor / Glimmer 0.010 MF/1000 V 1% AXIAL

In order to achieve the utmost attention to detail, the drivers have to follow even the smallest impulse with correct timing. However, every capacitor needs a specific time to charge which is proportional to its capacitance. To overcome this, a small - so-called bypass capacitor is added in parallel. This high grade bypass capacitor starts hunting down every music peak, uncovering even the finest branching of the music signal. In publications this circuit design is sometimes called impulse capacitor. To do the job we decided to employ best - a MICA capacitor which is simple to integrate into an existing crossover. The MICA capacitor\'s value is with 0.010 µF very small and, therefore, doesn\'t change the filter characteristics, but improves transient response considerably.